Updating The Footer Content On Your New Website

January 14, 2024

Your website’s footer is often an overlooked but crucial part of your online presence. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple process of updating your footer content using the dedicated “Footer Config” page. This enables you to customize the information that appears at the bottom of every page on your site.

Navigating to the Footer Config page

Step 1: Access Your WordPress Dashboard

  • Navigate to your website’s login page (usually www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin).
  • Enter the username and password provided.
  • Click “Log In” to access your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2: Find “Footer Config”

  • Navigate to the “Footer Config” page.
  • It normally appears at the bottom of the side navigation on the dashboard.

Updating Footer Content

Step 3: Editing Textboxes

  • Once on the “Footer Config” page, you’ll see textboxes containing various pieces of information like contact details, copyright, etc.
  • Simply click on the relevant textbox to edit the content.

Step 4: Customize Your Footer

  • Update information such as business address, email, phone number, and any other details you want to include in the footer.
  • You may also want to update the copyright year to keep it current.

Step 5: Save Changes

  • After making your edits, find the “Save Changes” button on the right hand side.
  • Click “Save Changes” to apply the changes to your website’s footer.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully updated your website’s footer content. Taking the time to personalize this often-neglected area can contribute to a more polished and professional online presence and will undoubtedly boost your businesses’ brand image and make customers more likely to pick you.

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